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Jump, demolish, crush and crash with those monster truck games! Monster Truck Games are so much fun so why not take our site for a test drive today? We also like truck games with 18 wheelers and you can play big truck games here too! Welcome to the!

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Ben10 Rampage
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If you like playing monster truck games and like monster trucks then this is the right place for you! Monster trucks are real wonders of engineering with those massive tires and mega suspension and incredible demolition power. You just have to love them! Perhaps you'll have one of your own someday, but until then we give you the best collection of monster truck games online to play and enjoy them.
Here at you can play free monster truck games at any time without having to buy anything or download stuff. Just click and play all you want. When driving these monsters you need to know what you are doing, but if successful, you will enjoy a good game and reap the rewards. There are many different challenges trough witch you can test your skills... time trials, clear obstacles and car crushing.
If there is a monster truck game we don't have, let us know so we can add it. Now you are ready to start having fun with us at!
Let's just mention a few of the best games around here. You can drive your 4x4 monster truckto race over mountains, bridges, all kinds of terrain, avoid obstacles. make it to the checkpoint as speedy as possible in your urban truck without destroying the truck. Monster trucks are very much alike other extreme driving vehicles where dirt bike are certainly one of them. Some cool dirt bikes could be found at The common for monsters and dirt bikes is to bring the same thing - adrenaline rush.
Please note that each monster truck game is picked by hand before uploaded. If you find anything that distracts your gaming experience while playing monster truck game, please let us know. You can vote for your best monster truck game, by our voting system, or by placing a positive comment for specific game on our monster truck facebook fun page. From the top menu, you can check flash games voted as the best, or the the flash games which have been played the most times. Maybe you will find your monster truck flash game right there. This is the best site on the web for you to play games for free! Play Games on the One-and-Only Monster Truck Games .US!

Do you know what is common to transformers and monster trucks? Well, they are Hydraulic, Slow Poke, Heavy Tread and Big Hauler. They are Monster Truck Patrol and they are monster trucks on crushing anything in his way.
Did you know that modern custom made monster truck can be driven on water surface? Sounds crazy, yes, but here's the proof - a youtube video. If that was titillating, check out more crazy games with scooter, water monster trucks and speedboats on
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Dedicated to you Monster Truck fans

Are you an adrenalyn junkie who enjoys powerful and destructive nature of monster trucks? Well, if you are reading this then the answer must be yes, yes and yes to all! Don't you just love that sound of crashing something under your giant wheels? So, why don't you take one of our trucks for a ride.
Try out different terrains and check out just how well that unbelivable suspension is working out. Different surroundings offer different challenges. If you are in the desert and race toward the finish line the experience will be most certanlly totally opposite than when you are storming over snow and icy track. Also various monster truck games gve you the opportunity to choose one just for you.
Not everyone likes to race, althou there is a whole different set of skills needed for racing those monsters. Very carefully chosen balance between speed and skill is what it takes to win. Also there are different types of stunts you can perform with your truck. On the other hand speed is not the most important when driving over and destroying obstacles placed in your way.
It is inevitable for every and each of you to find a good and suitable game for yourself. Adrenalyn rush is after all the very thing that brings us together here at! I am most confident that you will enjoy your stay here with us and will come back for more!